John Marshall, Executive Director

This is my story:

As the youngest child I had the pleasure of following in my sibling’s footsteps when it came to helping others in the community. Between the ages of five and thirteen, after school, my mother volunteered me to help the elders of the community with tasks such as: cooking (where I learned to make homemade icing), cleaning, and other activities of daily living.

A related story:

As my father aged, it became necessary for me to be available just in case my mother needed me to assist with him. You see my father was born in 1906 and therefore up in age when he had me in ‘78. My father work for the railroad, and I remember the times when he would hear the train whistle as it passed through, and say “uh, it’s time to go” as he attempted to “elope” out the front door, determined to make it on time. I would have to divert his attention by grabbing his hand at the door or sometimes down the street and reminded him that I was his son and he didn’t work for the railroad any more as I led him back home.


Today, I utilize the memories of these moments to influence the daily operations and quality of care for Sweet Senior Assisted Living Home. We take pride in providing high quality services for our residents’ overall well-being through care, compassion, companionship, and commitment what I like to call the 4-C’s of management.


P.S. Since my father was 72 years of age when he had me and I enjoyed helping my elderly neighbors, I have a belief that I have an old spirit and it would be a High-Honor to help care for your loved one as well.